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The internet is full of get-rich-quick opportunities. Like many other sectors of earning fast money online, the Martingale betting system is believed to provide the promise of beating the online casino sites when gambling online.
Martingale betting system, by definition, is an exponential betting strategy where in the last bet gets doubled when losing and restarted back to the initial bet in every win. ex. if loss = x*2 where x is equal to last bet. This is best to provide miracle to playing casino games where the edge is split even between the casino house and the player. By constantly doubling your bet in every lose, you can recover loses and earn a little once a win is hit.

Why Martingale betting system wont work for you? I could only think of 4 reasons why. Without further ado, lets learn about them.

High Start-Up Bet

As mentioned above, the Martingale betting system is a strategy where in the initial bet gets doubled in every lose. ex. your initial bet is 1$. Your first lose means betting 2$ the next round. Second lose will have you betting 4$ the next round. Third lose means 8$ bet the next round. And, so on. If you start with $10 bet, you can be in trouble when successive loses hit you, which is highly possible in playing casino games with 30/70 edge split.

Betting on 30% vs 70% of Winning

I tried using Martingale betting system on roulette game and it was a bad try out. The only mistake I did was betting on sections where in the casino has the definite edge. ex. betting on each numbers or the 2 to 1 option. But I was thankful that I am wise enough to have tried it only on the free play version Roulette app on facebook. Whew. I only wasted fake chips. As mentioned above, the system can work on even edges.

Betting Budget

Dont be a fool to try using Martingale betting system with only a limited bankroll. You know already how this system works, double the bet to recover the lose and win some. If your bankroll doesnt seem to agree with the possible successive loses, forget the system. Before proceeding, it might help to identify how many successive loses your bankroll can handle. ex. 1$ start-up bet can last up to 10 successive loses for a bankroll of $1024, $512 being the last change bet to recover.

Betting Restriction

Casinos online might have betting limitations at a level that might be ineffective for a Martingale betting system employment. This will point us back to the start-up bet and betting budget scenarios. Perhaps, this explains why you need to pick the right online casino for you. If you plan on using this system on your betting moves, better be sure about the betting restrictions set by online casino you choose to deal with wont put it to no use.

Thats it. The Martingale betting system does provide an approach to lessen the excessive loses, but it does require a strategic start-up bet, a bankroll that can handle the losing streak and a game that provides a even split of edges, all which casinos online may take control through restrictions.

Do you know any reason why Martingale betting system wont work? Please feel free to add them by leaving a comment below.

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