In this section we will provide you with tips for successful play on the flop, turn, and even a few tips on how to play the river. After you consider these tips, your play will take a turn for the better and you will even understand more about this more complex poker game.

Tips for the flop (these are the first three cards dealt)

– If you find that the flop doesn’t fit your hand, most of the time you’ll have to fold it. Remember, the flop outlines your hand.

– When you flop a good hand, allow the other players the opportunity to make the next-best hand without giving them a free card later that might beat you.

– If you are a beginner at this gave, it is best to play cautiously. It is much cheaper for you to be careful.

– If you find that you have a hand with many possibilities, you definitely want to play it quickly. It has a worth that surpasses any of its component possibilities.

– If you flop a draw, stay with it for as long as the amount winnable has a greater payoff than the odds against making you hand.

– You want to be choosy about the hands you want to play before AND after the flop, you should also be aggressive when you have a good hand.

Tips for the turn (this is the fourth card dealt)

The turn may not be as hard to play as the flop, but these tips will help you make some of the important choices you’ll face here.

– If you are still in the game at the turn, you should be holding a good hand, a worthy draw, or you believe that your bluff can win the pot

– You will find that if you hold a draw here, you should try to play it as inexpensive as you possibly can.

– You want to raise when you have the top two pair on the turn, but if the board is three-suited (this could be a threat) do not raise.

– If you’re sure you have the best hand, bet or check – with the intension to raise. You want to make it expensive for your the other players at this time.

– When you have a particular hand that you would like to call with, try betting instead. This gives the other players the impression that you might be holding a superior hand and their chances of folding might increase.

– Many players commonly wonder if they should checkraise or bet. You should come out betting, unless you think there is a possibility that another player will bet AND call your raise.

– Be aware of the possibilities of picking up a draw on the turn. This might permit you to continue with a hand you might have otherwise folded.

Tips for the river (this is the fifth and final card dealt on the board)

If you are still trying to win the pot at this point and you are waiting to see the last card on the board, you want to be sure you have a pretty good hand, or at least confident that you will draw the best hand if you make it. At this point, the game has probably whittled down from five or six players to just two or maybe three of you.

– After the river is dealt and exposed, your hand will no longer have a chance at getting any better, this IS your final card. Your choice of betting, whether you check, bet, fold, call, or even raise must be based on this final card.

– If at this point you make two pair, you will find that this is usually a winning hand. However, if the turn or river should show a third-suited card, you want to be cautious and aware that another player may have just made a flush.

– Keep in mind that if your still in the game at this point, the game is heads up and the pot is big, it’s much better to call with the losing hand than it is to fold with the winning hand.

– Also if you over-call, you want to make sure you have a good enough hand to win over legitimate calling hands.

Overall Hold’em Tips

If you really want to play this game correctly, you will want to blend these overall tips into your playing game.

– You’ll want to play few hands from the early position. Yes, you will throw many hands away by folding early, but you will save a ton of cash.

– Positional is key when playing this game. You will find that some hands that you would fold in early position might be good raising hands in the late position of the game.

– Remember, this card game only LOOKS like Seven-Card-Stud. In actuality, it is far from it. This game has different positional aspects as well as the use of the shared cards.