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We want to enjoy the maximum worth of our limited gambling budget, that is why we took advantage of every bonuses there are provided by the online casino. Apart from the usual bonuses like the welcome and free play bonuses, Rakeback is another type of a bonus that rewards a player every time he plays. This bonus is typically applied to the popular online poker game.

Rakeback works the same way as Comp points, which accumulates faster the more you play games a casino online caters. The only difference is that, Rakeback is a little more rewarding than that of Comp points, which really takes a serious number of plays to match the reward or cash equivalent. With Rakeback, a player can enjoy an average of 30% cash back of his gambling expenditures. Rakeback can be as high as 80%, depending on the online poker room associated with a cash back bonus.

If you are not aware, to keep an online poker room running, the host takes the earning from a commission fee (rake) of each poker game round. Typically, online poker rooms take 10% rake. Depending on the mechanism applied by the online poker room host, the rake can be deducted from the pot total or taken from a first hand player per poker hand.

Typical Applied Rakes

Pot Rake

Instead of you paying the rake for the round, the rake is deducted from the pot total. So, if the pot has a total worth of $500 chips, only $450 will go to the winner. The $50 will serve as the commission fee for the host running and maintaining the online poker room.

Dead Drop

Instead of everyone paying for the rake for the round as it appears in Pot rake implementation, the rake will be paid by the player assigned with the dealer button, the first position player. The player to start the round will be deducted with the commission fee before the cards are dealt.

The point is, the online poker room host is always winning through the commission fee or rake they deduct from each of the poker rounds. 10% might sound small, but looking at the number of active poker players and the number of poker rounds held each day, the host can generate an unlimited amount of income. So, if there is a way to bring back your contribution to the rake, or at least a small percentage of it, it should be something to be taken advantage of.

Some online casinos offer rakebacks directly, while most of it are actually offered by their exclusive partners in exchange of the signup under referral and as a reward for the players highly active participation in the poker room associated. Think of someone getting paid a commission everytime you play, the rakeback serves as a thank you percentage, which, of course, is a great way to save a lot of money if you are on a tight budget. In fact, successful online poker professionals are using rakeback as a way of growing profits or narrowing their losses.

Poker Rooms Associated with Rakeback

PokerStars They offer Up to 83% value back rakeback. This offer is on top of the rakeback offer competition. New members enjoy up to $600 sign-up bonus.

Ladbrokes Their rakeback offer up to 50% earn them the second most competitive. New members get to enjoy a £675 worth sign-up bonus.

Betfair Though ending up third on their up to 40% rakeback offer, new members are surely rewarded with their sign-up bonus worth $2500.

Betsafe They also offer a rakeback up to 40% and new members get a $2000 worth sign-up bonus.

RedKings They tied up with Befsafe with their identical rakeback offer up to 40% and sign-up bonus worth $2000 for new members.

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