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The best online blackjack is played sing some very simple strategies. You do not have to enter the world of complex mathematical formulas before winning the game. Instead you should be able to play depending on your requirements.

The target is to get to twenty one or to have a higher value than the dealer. You also have to avoid busting as a consequence of pressure from the dealer.

1. Higher cards: Where the dealer cards are more than seven, you should continue to draw until you have a hard count that is at least 17. For the soft count it must be at least 18. The soft hand is one which has an Ace and is counted as being eleven. If you have no ace, then the hand is considered to be hard. If the card dealer has a total of six or lower then you should draw cards until you reach a minimum of 12. A figure higher should lead to a cessation of the drawing process.

2. Double down: You can double down when your initial two cards have a total of either ten or eleven. The dealer should have either nine or a lower value for this to work. You can double the original bet after receiving the first round of two cards. Once you make this decision you will be entitled to just one more card.

3. Splits: You can get some eights and aces to split. Do not spit other pairs because it could be catastrophic for your chances of winning. The split will mean that you have separate hands from your first pair. Each hand is then played as an entity. The strategy will increase your winning potential but also the risk that you have to face.

4. Alertness: You have to be alert to all the changes that are taking place as you play. It is extremely dangerous to leave things to chance. You can end up with a very serious problem on the game if you do not claim the bonus at the right time. Make sure that you monitor the screen as you work so that you get the best out of the game.

5. Commercial strategies: Do not follow commercial strategies because they rarely yield the results that you are looking for. Instead you should concentrate on building strategies that naturally emanate from your experiences. It is imperative that you check all the blogs that relate to the game so that you are well acquainted with its conventions.

If you get an opportunity to practice your skills, this is the best time to utilize the free games. They are designed to give you maximum support and you need to ensure that you utilize them effectively. You might also be lucky enough to pick up new tips as you practice the games. Once you have finished the game, it is a great time to review how well your strategy has worked so that you can improve the chances of winning on your strategy. Practice will make you a great player.

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