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Becoming a real poker master is not always playing hundreds of hands or to calculate the Holdem Odds, the secret is to learn to read your opponents tells. A poker tell is defined as a subliminal act of body language, and most of the poker players doesn’t even know that they are giving up these tells.

In the game of poker, a tell can be used to determine if the opponent in front has a strong hand or not, is he going to bluff or not, what does he want to do with his current hand in the given moment, and so on. Once you do this, you will be able to figure out how to proceed with your hand afterward.

The fact that most of the players have no idea that they commit these tells. By trying to keep their outward emotions in check, players can sometimes transfer the feelings about their hands in different nonverbal actions.

Usual Poker Tells:

Trial Engineering

Acting weak with a decent hand and acting strong with a weak hand. One of the most important things you should know about poker players is that most of the time they are trying to play their hands as the exact opposite of what they are. As an example, a player with monster hand will act timidly, to pretend he has a weak hand, avoiding eye contacts, wishing to betray as much players as possible to enter the pot. Similar to that, a player with a weak hand will stare at you most often, they will try to intimidate you , and make you fold. This is one of the most usual poker tells.

Face Can Tell

The facial response – when you are dealt with your hole cards, do not immediately look at them, instead watch the facial expressions of your opponents as they look at their own cards. While looking at their cards, all of them will try to look calm and disinterested, but in the first couple of seconds you might get the chance to see a possible tell.

Mood Swings

Sudden change of behavior – for example, there is a very talkative player at your table, but all of a sudden he becomes very quiet, the best for you in this situation is to watch out. When players are dealt with strong hands their behavior suddenly changes.

Chip Glances

Quickly looking at the chip stack – this is one of the tells that players give away, without even realizing it. When a player glances at the stack of chips, be sure that he is planning their attack. The key is in the eyes of your opponent.

Hands Can Tell

Carefully protecting their hand – for example, if someone is keeping his hand with the hands over it, like defending something, be prepared this player has a possible good hand.

Cloaking Tension / Excitement

Face covering – when poker players tend to perform a bluff, as a rule, they are going to feel uncomfortable at the table, and they will feel very uncomfortable when any of their opponents is trying to look them in the eyes. The player that tends to bluff could even try to cover his mouth or any other part of his face with his hand, but also beware of that action, because it can be used when a player wants to conceal the fact that they do not have a great hand.

To become much more successful in your poker game, know how to read and interpret even just some simple tells. But do not completely rely on a tell in your poker game, because not all gamblers will give you consistent reads on his emotions during the game. Some even know how to effectively utilize them to their advantage, which is the other thing this guide is teaching you, so learn to play with it, but be cautious all the time.

Not all these can be used when playing poker game online, but the lesson is the same, when a sudden change is observed on any of your opponents, it means he has something you need to take note and learn, so you know how to react accordingly.

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