Take Advantage of Rakebacks

We want to enjoy the maximum worth of our limited gambling budget, that is why we took advantage of every bonuses there are provided by the online casino. Apart from the usual bonuses like the welcome and free play bonuses, Rakeback is another type of a bonus that rewards a player every time he plays. This bonus is typically applied to the popular online poker game. Continue reading “Take Advantage of Rakebacks”

Poker Tells: Reading Your Opponents

Becoming a real poker master is not always playing hundreds of hands or to calculate the Holdem Odds, the secret is to learn to read your opponents tells. A poker tell is defined as a subliminal act of body language, and most of the poker players doesn’t even know that they are giving up these tells. Continue reading “Poker Tells: Reading Your Opponents”

Being a Professional

Being a professional is not as glamorous as it may seem. You are responsible for earning your own money and that at times can be tough. Emotionally it can be a roller coaster with many highs and many bitter lows. I spend hours every day staring at my laptop screen and that is never great fun. I often work hard all week and end up making no money or even losing money. Not many jobs allow you to do that. Continue reading “Being a Professional”