Side Bet Tips

Many online competitions provide the option of a side bet, especially in poker based games. The phrase “side bet” is often interchanged with “bonus bet” or other names. For instance, in Microgaming 3-card poker, the phrase is “Pair Plus” because the house pays out if the dealer draws a pair or higher. Side bets have become popular because they add a fun dimension to the game while offering a considerable payout. Continue reading “Side Bet Tips”

Are Online Casinos a Scam?

Despite its reported popularity and growth over the years, still a lot of offline gamblers prefer to gamble on brick and mortar casinos. With the confusion unsettled, it might scare newbies away, thus having them not making a move from the usual tedious and exhausting travel to and from land-based casinos to the one of a kind comfort online casinos basically provide. So, for once, is online casino a scam or not? Continue reading “Are Online Casinos a Scam?”