Many people go to play blackjack in the land based casino and the really enjoy themselves. Playing blackjack in an online casino is very different but we will come to that later. Playing Blackjack in a casino instead of a casino en ligne is a lot of fun. When you go to sit down with friends at a multi player table you can have fun playing in the Casino. Chatting with the dealer and your friends about the cards you hit or don’t hit is always fun, like in poker.

If you go play in a online casino this element of social behaviour is not present ofcourse. But there are other great advantage. In the best online casino you dont have to pay for your drinks. The best thing about it that you can play it from your home and get a online casino bonus.


Listed below are a few of the more popular online blackjack sites. These descriptions are based on the ones posted on their websites, but they have been summarized and placed into one convenient place. Please note that these are based on personal opinion and not on actual online blackjack statistics, which could not be located. – I used to play poker on their sister site,, which was an enjoyable experience overall– quick deposits, a fair amount of games to play, and Mac compatibility. The public chat rooms, where people would spout off all kinds of racist and otherwise offensive gibberish, were a bit of a problem, though. The standard game at is two-deck blackjack, but the decks are shuffled after every round, so there is absolutely no way to get a counting advantage. Supposedly, they will be offering game variations in the future, but for now the only bells and whistles are being able to play up to five hands per round at one table. – On last check, Bodog was a thriving internet poker and gambling website. This site uses four decks, but once again shuffles after every round, which is always going to be advantageous to the casino. Because Bodog allows its dealers to hit on a soft 17 (an ace and a six), I’d likely pass. If you insist on playing on Bodog because it still takes U.S. players or because you like their service, at least avoid the gimmicky blackjack versions, such as Face Up 21, which allows you to see the dealer’s cards. Even if this did offer you some sort of edge – which I’m quite sure it doesn’t – it would be negated by the fact that blackjacks pay even money and the dealer wins all pushes. The house vig in this game must be astronomical. – Although not the most popular blackjack site, I decided to check this one out due to its large number of game variants. Atlantic City Blackjack seems like a pretty good deal, as the dealer stands on soft 17 while there are no other funky rule variations. You can only play one hand at a time, though, and this game uses eight decks (with automatic reshuffles after each round, I wouldn’t worry about the number of decks in the online casinos). There is also Bonus Blackjack, which offers a bonus bet that is almost assuredly a sucker bet (i.e. it looks good because it has big payoffs but in the end it just makes more money for the house). Casinokingdom also has Spanish Blackjack, in which the 10 cards are removed, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and multihand versions of all games, each with some slight rule changes. – According to, this is the top casino on which to play online blackjack, and it also accepts U.S. players. The fact that it offers to match your deposit up to $888 likely has something to do with its popularity, though you do have to play quite a bit before you can actually cash your bonus out. This site offers a pretty slick interface, but unfortunately it does not make it’s rules available to see unless you sign up.

Note: I am not sure of the reliability of and am not in a position to either verify or deny their data.