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In many things, you have to spend money to make money. In poker, however, you have to have money to make money. You have to have money to be dealt a hand, You have to have money to win cash or lose it. So how do you finance your game without making yourself bankrupt?

Hustling Funds for Poker

To be a true poker hustler, you know it is unwise to spend money you don’t actually have. Remember, you never know when the cards will be on your side and you never know when they will desert you either.

Sometimes, when the game is hot, when the cards are flaming, when every hand you get is in the nuts, its hard not to slow down. You want to keep up your winning streak never realize that it could end during a foolish, overly confident bet, leaving you with nothing.

That’s why it is important to sort of bankroll your poker games. You cannot bet money that isn’t there. There are several ways to properly bankroll, which we will discuss in the coming posts.

Imitating Other Players in Poker: A Mistake?

When you are playing poker – especially when you are direct starting out, I have to say that many poker players in the beginning think that the way to win is actually by imitating other players.  Well, I have to tell you that many people who try this tactic actually fail at it simply because they do not know how to do it correctly.

While imitating other players is a fantastic tactic when you know how to do it right, when you are playing the game in the beginning, you do not want to come off as cocky right away.  You want the experience to back it up and that is something that you need to gain.

Remember – imitating other players is a great tactic, if it is done well and that comes with time.

Slowplaying: What is it?

For those are you that are just starting out in the poker field – I have to say that you are in for one heck of a ride.  Poker is not a game that you can just sit down and play with your buddies … unless you are not serious about it.  If you are serious about it, you truly need to make sure that your game is up to par before you enter into anything.

For example, do you know about Slowplaying?  This is actually a trick that many, many poker players bluff on.  In short, it is basically making the other poker players at your table think that you have a really weak hand, when in fact, you have a powerhouse hand.

That is what Slowplaying is and it is certainly something that you should consider getting into and developing.  It definitely comes in handy!

Pinpointing Cheaters in Online Poker

As you can likely imagine, cheating during online poker games is quite common, and you need to be aware of it. Even if you cannot always be sure it is going on, you can at least know what to look out for during a game.

Collusion is the easiest form of online cheating and catching a player doing this is well nigh impossible. At least two players collude and work together in secret, at the same table. Skills are not really needed to do this.

Sometimes one player distracts the others at the table. Online, of course, two players in collusion can easily let one another know what cards they have, making it easier to guess what the other players are holding.

Cheaters will also bet back and forth with one another, to either goad other players into betting more or into folding, thereby either allowing the cheaters to get the pot, or merely making the pot larger.

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